Sherman Full Gospel was founded by Gayle and Yvonne Gaines in 1965.  They and their small congregation of 30 people purchased a building located on Dixie Highway between Crittenden and Dry Ridge.  In 1986 Pastor Gayle and Yvonne, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, officially passed the mantle of head pastor to their son, Ray and daughter-in-law Mary, who at the time, were serving as assistant pastors.  With a growing congregation, a new church and larger sanctuary were built down the street in 1992.  In 1996, it was prophesied that our church should bring a Life of Christ drama to the stage.  Collaborating with evangelists Billy and Dana Arnett, Pastors Ray and Mary Gaines wrote the drama taken directly from the Bible.  With the help of our drama team, members of SFG and most importantly, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, our drama came to life.  In 2004, a new theater-type sanctuary was built seating 1500 people with a 3 story stage.  Our continued prayers are: the people would come and see our drama, strengthen their relationship with Christ, and that more souls will be saved and lives changed.

Gayle and Yvonne

Sherman Full Gospel Church
1965 – 2004

Ray and Mary

Sherman Full Gospel Church
2004 – Current